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Who We Are?

Here at Wellness Health Care Services we have certified professionals who are here to assist you with one-on-one counselling, interactive activities as well as cognitive and behavioural therapy. 

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Mental Health

 Prioritize your mental health  

Includes our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act as we cope with life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Every stage of your life mental health is important from childhood adolescences and through adulthood including our vulnerable seniors. 

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COVID-19 Affects Us All

Did you know 


There is a rise in mental health stemming from COVID-19? 

We are here to help you!  Over 3,400 people are waiting for care. We know that here in Ontario people are struggling to get the treatment they require.


The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused an increase in peoples mental health that has become a challenge in their daily living, such as:  Substance abuse, domestic violence, self esteem, stress, anxiety, grief, PSD, loneliness, insomnia, loss of employment, relationships, depression  suicide, eating disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders in children.

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Programs and Services to support post-pandemic recovery includes:

  • Nutritionists for eating disorders and general nutrition support 

  • Nurse practitioners for primary care of mental illness 

  • Yoga and Meditation classes 

  • Group Therapy 

  • Workshops and Seminars focusing on various topics 

  • Online workshops and via phone mentor support

  • Friendly Visitation Service 

  • Digital Therapy 

  • Customized Therapeutic plan that will help you develop skills to strive and live a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

  • Senior Support Line 

  • Life Coaching

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What Are We Providing?

We are providing long term solutions to our patients by helping them develop skills such as resiliency and coping mechanism to better manage their mental health concerns. It consists of activities that help restructure their thinking. 

Seniors Support Program 



One of the most affected populations has been seniors who faced significant declines in mental health stemming from social isolation and personal health concerns exacerbated by constraints to healthcare access. We seek to provide seniors with mental health services that they would otherwise not be able to receive due to barriers such as mental health worker shortages, long wait lists, high costs, and low technology literacy. 


The adverse effects of the pandemic have disproportionately affected seniors. They have, and continue to experience, ongoing 1) higher mortality and higher risk for complications from COVID-19 infection, 2) disruptions to access to care, 3) increased isolation from lockdowns and restrictions to visitation coupled with poor technology literacy.


COVID-19 has made significant impacts onto the lives of every individual across the globe. With coordinated efforts of every level of government to limit infection rates, came the unintended but inevitable consequences of social isolation and financial impacts causing heightened anxiety and depression. These mental tolls of the pandemic have created unprecedented level of psychological distress and mental health declines throughout the community. Social isolation and loneliness increases older people’s health by causing anxiety, depression, cognitive dysfunction, heart disease, and mortality.” 


At WHS our mental health care practitioners are qualified to treat and provide assistance.


We provide mental health services lead by psychotherapists and life coaches. Therapy includes a CBT program for alcohol and drug addictions/substance abuse, support for abused women, and support for people suffering from anxiety and depression. The program is problem-focused and a goal oriented psychotherapy.


Our Therapists will focus to identify, question and change the client’s thoughts attitudes and beliefs that relate to their emotional and behavioral reactions that cause them difficulties.  Our organization has created an intervention to deal with the post pandemic covid-19 for seniors. 

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